Sara Sean Chris Emily
Here is The Parents' Very First EP!

  1. We Took the BART!
  2. Make It True or Crush
  3. How to Speak Italian Like an English Tourist
  4. Circles
Addenda to the E.P.

  1. Andy
  2. Galena, Alaska, from The Wiggly Tendrils: "A Very Wiggly Winter"
  3. One President At A Time, from The Wiggly Tendrils: "Romance In The Executive Branch"
Here's what's coming up:
  1. eat square breakfast.
  2. put new EP on website.
  3. take nap.
  4. book shows.
  5. write new songs.
  7. go camping.
The Parents are Emily, Sara, Sean, and Chris.

We're a four-piece indie pop/rock band of Chicago-expats who used to play in the same music scene from 2000-2007. We promote our shows, set up quickly, and only rarely leave equipment behind.

We've got a (particularly fun and crowded) Tuesday at El Rio, a Sunday BBQ at The Stork Club, a Saturday benefit at The Starry Plough for the Children's Hospital of Oakland Patient Care Fund, and a Halloween show at the Stork Club (as the Mamas and the Papas), and an awesome Friday playing with the Old-Fashioned Way at The Hemlock Tavern under our belt.

Emily (ex-Passerines) plays guitar/bass.

Sara (ex-Go Away Please Stay, Passerines, Starlister, Health&Beauty) plays keyboard/melodica.

Sean (ex-First Coat, the 68s, the Paraleisural Uninsurance Temp Agency, Fulton Pyser) plays bass/guitar.

Chris (ex-Cola Wars, Millimeters Mercury, Zinc Finger & the Major Groove) plays drums.
Of course we have a myspace profile!
(it's still listed under our old band name, though)
So you don't like the MySpace automatic-music-playing widget?
We use this website for ourselves, too!
So, for our own convenience:
Show Things
Practice Things